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Weekly Schedule of Assignments

Each day starts with bellwork or warmups-These vary each week:editing, reading comprehension, writing, etc.

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays-Primary focus- parts of speech-students will be given these assignments in packets.

Writing-Narrative, descriptive, expository, cause and effect, drama, persuasive, poetry

Tuesdays and Thursdays-Reading Comprehension-Assignments will be bundled together in a packet.

Homework-Comprised of a news letter, various assignments which includes reading and editing passages.

        Homework packets are usually given to students on Mondays and they are due on Fridays. Exception would be if there is a school holiday on a Monday, then packets will be given on Tuesdays.  Also, if holiday falls on a Friday, the packets will be due on Thursday. Homework is fifteen (15%) of the class grade, reinforces what is being taught or was taught in the classroom and all students are expected to complete them.

Reading-Students are expected to read for a minimum of twenty (20) minutes per night. Our library has an excellent collection of novels, magazines and graphic novels. Students are allowed to check out up to three items.  We only ask that these items are returned in a timely fashion. 


*Note-Teacher also has an extensive library in classroom that is available to students.

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