Class Schedule

2015-2016 Class Schedule
7th grade English Language Arts is a double-block class, where we focus heavily on reading, writing, and the practice of revising and editing. I provide several strategies for students to use for improvement, and all the materials they need for instruction are in our classroom. This makes learning accessible to everyone, and the possibility of success is immediately within reach! :)

Period 1/2 - ELAR 7

Period 3/4 - ELAR 7

Advisory A

Lunch B

Period 5 - Conference (Call or email me to schedule an appointment!)

Period 6/7 - ELAR 7 with Itinerant Support

**Tutoring is available Thursdays from 3:45-4:45. Though some students have been assigned mandatory tutoring for STAAR assistance, all students are welcome to attend if they need help or extra time completing assignments. It is possible to arrange other times through parent request.