Muniz, Michele
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Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Muniz

7th Grade Science Teacher

Welcome  to 7th grade science!


As a student at Health Careers High School, I was introduced to the world of cells, ecosystems, producers, living systems, human anatomy, Newton's laws, Boyle's law, evolution, energy flow, and so much more. High school science is the reason why I've been hooked on science ever since.  I even spent my four years in college majoring in biology and minoring in chemistry.  And now, I get to teach what I love...SCIENCE!

I've taught at TWMS for the last 12 years.  I like to think of 7th grade science as a Pre-Biology class where we introduce a lot of the topics that students will encounter in their Freshman Biology class.  We will discuss topics such as cell theory, parts and functions of cells, human body systems, ecosystems, ecoregions of Texas, genetics, asexual and sexual reproduction, and so much more.

To  help ensure your student's success in class, please make sure your student is studying for at least 10 minutes every night.  Science is a vocabulary heavy course and just like learning any language, it takes practice.  Students will be expected to learn and understand vocabulary words such as heterozygous, homozygous recessive and dominant, alleles, succession, chloroplast, cytoplasm, heterotroph, producer, turgor pressure, geotropism, gravitropism and the list goes on and on!