Other Class Info

Class Info  

Terrell Wells Middle School

Miss Erica Van Syoc

8th AVID/6th GTT 1&2

Room 409


Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I am very excited to be back at TWMS and look forward to working with each one of you. Included in this paper, you will find important information on what to expect in my classroom (a plan for instruction, grading, discipline, and classroom policies/procedures). We will all have to work together in order for this year to be successful!

I expect 100% out of myself each day (using the different resources available to me) and ask you to give me the same in return: a 100% effort to learn as much as you can.



1.      Be PROMPT

2.      Be PREPARED

3.      Be POSITIVE


5.      Be POLITE

Classroom disruptions are also NOT tolerated. Examples of classroom disruptions include (but are not limited to) getting out of your seat without permission, talking while the teacher is instructing, being blatantly disrespectful (this includes offensive language which is NOT tolerated), and any other disruption that causes learning to cease. If YOU choose to disobey, consequences may include phone call home, parent/student/teacher conference, detention, and/or referral.


Each student should come to class, EACH DAY, with paper and pencil/pen. Please bring a colored folder (any color) that will be left in class. In addition, it would be appreciated if your student could bring:

1st period and 3rd period:    1 pack of colored pencils or crayons (you choose)

4th period and 5th period:    1 pack of #2 pencils (regular or mechanical)

6th period and 7th period:    1 box of Kleenex



Each day, the classwork will vary based on the assignment our class is working on. For my 8th grade students in AVID, our assignment will be based on the day of the week (Monday and Wednesdays, Tuesday and Thursdays, and Friday). The 6th grade Gateway to Technology students will be completing various assignments on the computer or with the robots. You are responsible for seeing me after any absence to get any notes or assignments you missed. Homework is given out at various times during the school year but will not be given each day.


Attendance is vitally important to your academic success. If you are absent, YOU are missing out on many academic opportunities. TWMS’s policy on tardiness and attendance is always followed.   It is YOUR responsibility to check with me about any assignments you may have missed. Make-up work for an excused absence will be accepted, but you have two days to get it back with me (please see me if you have any questions about this) or you will receive a ZERO (this includes work done in ISS).


Entering class:

·         You MUST be in dress code compliance when entering class.

·         Enter quietly, get any supplies needed and sit in your assigned seat (the seating chart may change at my discretion throughout the year).

·         Begin Warm-Up (it may be a verbal warm up with a partner or a written warm up on the board). We will discuss the warm up after the tardy bell rings and attendance has been taken.

During class:

·         RAISE your hand before answering questions or if you need anything.

·         DO NOT interrupt the teacher when she is giving instructions or teaching.

·         RESPECT your classmates. DO NOT TALK if one of your classmates is speaking. Keep all hands and feet to yourself. Ladies: this is NOT a time to apply makeup or do your hair (or your classmates).

·         Keep all belongings out of the aisle and under your desk.

·         Stay on task in word and work.

·         Work with the team you have been assigned to for that project. Your teams will change throughout the year.

End of class:

·         Put all of your things away (this may include putting supplies back on the bookshelf). Look around your desk; this is the time to throw away any trash.

·         The bell does NOT dismiss you; the teacher dismisses you.

·         Leave in an orderly fashion.



Each student will receive a restroom pass that entitles him/her to go THREE times per six weeks. If the student loses the pass, the teacher will NOT issue another one. There will NO restroom passes used the first 15 minutes of class and the last 10 minutes of class. It is YOUR responsibility to use the restroom on the way to my class (most of you walk right past one).



Do not bring permanent markers to school as they are strictly banned. I will confiscate it; the item will not be returned. Cell phones, electronic games, MP3 players, iPods, etc… must be turned off and stored in the students backpack. If the electronic item is heard, the teacher will collect the item. The district policy on cell phones is very clear: if the device is heard, the teacher will collect the item and turn it in to the VP’s office. A parent can pick it up but must pay $15 to recover the item.



Throughout the semester, you may have a test or an impromptu quiz. If you are absent, please check with me about anyone you may have missed.

This may seem like a long list of rules for my classroom. However, we must have structure in order for there to be a positive learning environment for each student. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. The best way to reach me is through email: Erica.VanSyoc@harlandale.net or you may call the school at 989-2600 to leave me a message which I will return ASAP. My conference time is 2nd  period (9:02-9:52). You may also reference this document on my teacher website on the school webpage.


Please let me know if there is anything I should know about your child that will help me assist him/her. You may use the lines below or contact me via email/phone.



Student Information (Please print!)


Student name: ___________________________________________________________

                                    First                                        Last Name


Parent/Guardian’s Name: _________________________________________________

                                                First                            Last Name


Best number to reach you:____________________________ (Cell or Work or Home)



Please sign and RETURN by August 28, 2015 to indicate you have read and understand the classroom rules and procedures for Miss Van Syoc’s class.