Class Information


Tutoring will be held every Tuesday from 3:50-4:30. I typically arrive at school by 7:15 and stay late most afternoons. If your student needs additional help, he/she is ALWAYS welcome to ask for additional tutoring time. I will be more than happy to help pending meetings or prior obligations. I truly believe that in order to be successful, it takes a partnership between everyone involved. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Class Rules

1. Be punctual and prepared.

 2. Stay on task.

 3. Do your best.

 4. Be respectful to all people.

 5. Be respectful to all supplies.

Class Consequences

1. Verbal/Non-Verbal Warning

2. Student Conference

3. Parent Notification

4. Referral

*Note: These consequences can be used at the teacher's discretion.

Grading Policies for the Math Department:

15%- Homework

40%- Tests/quizzes

45%- Daily Work