Helpful Links

Math Resources

Think Through Math

This is an EXCELLENT resource for math students! Each student has a personal log-in and password. This program is designed to help students work on their own level at their own pace. Students can use this program both at school and at home. The program includes a personal coach who will help students with each lesson and an opportunity to earn rewards! Please encourage your student to utilize this program!


This website has an abundance of information about the state standards (TEKS) and the rigorous STAAR Test. This is an excellent resource for all things testing.

Glencoe Study Tools

This website supplies additional study resources that align with your child's math book. The site includes an English/Spanish dictionary, vocabulary resources, self quizzes, and MUCH more!

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

This is one of my favorite math websites! The site features a large variety of math manipulatives that help simplify abstract topics. It allows students to interact with math in a very fun way!